Alternator Service - Weatherford, TX

It is essential that we as drivers know the different parts of our vehicles and how they are supposed to function. The Genesis dealership near you in Weatherford, TX wants to share with our Weatherford, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, and Granbury customers how the alternator works and what to do if you notice an issue.

What is an alternator and what does it do?

If it weren't for your alternator, your vehicle wouldn't work. The alternator is in charge of generating electricity, and in result, recharging your vehicle's battery. But the alternator isn't just one piece itself. It also has a lot of moving parts, like the rotor, stator, voltage regulator, diode rectifier, and the cooling fan.

How do I know if my alternator isn't working like it should?

The following are a few signs that your alternator may need to be serviced quickly.

  • Dimmer Headlights: When driving in the evening, pay attention to how bright or dim it is in front of you. Dim headlights could be a sign your alternator isn't giving enough energy to the battery.

  • Dead Battery: Because the alternator is a huge factor in your battery life, one of the more obvious indicators is your vehicle's battery being dead.

  • Uncommon Smells: If you've ever smelled burning rubber, make sure to look out for this while driving. The alternator runs on a rubber belt, so if it's working overtime, a burning rubber smell is a good indicator of alternator issues.

What should I do if I have alternator issues?

Call the Genesis of Weatherford Service Department right away. We can quickly assess the issue for you so that you can get back out on the road safely and confidently. You can schedule a service appointment with us, or call us at (877) 216-9261. Our service department is located at 3403 Fort Worth Highway, Weatherford, TX 76087.